Kids on snow and move smart! with Felix Neureuther – Workshop

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Workshop (practice)

Learn and experience skiing with ‘move smart’ with Felix Neureuther.

The program: ‘kids on snow and move smart! with Felix Neureuther’ would like to encourage children to workout and to be active in nature also winter. Accordingly, ‘move smart! with Felix Neureuther’ fits into our teaching philosophy as an extension, seamlessly – it is not an independent course concept. ‘move smart!’ tasks are PLUS tasks (difficult learning environment) for varied and exciting skiing lessons.

– Coordinately demanding tasks solve deadlocked movement patterns

– Targeted use of ‘Moving you smart!’ – Tasks increases your ability to absorb

The tasks are assigned to different categories. These categories help to keep the tasks in mind and should encourage ski instructors to create additional tasks on their own.

The categories focusing, counting, combining and remembering require more conscious cognitive performance. Thus the executive functions working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility are trained.

The categories balancing, coupling, reacting and juggling train the brain rather unconsciously through their coordinative claim. The Coordinative Capabilities: Rhythmization, coupling, orientation, reaction, balance, conversion and differentiation are improved.

In addition to many exciting, tricky and funny tasks and different variations, we offer a variety of tips and tricks for easy application in ski lessons.


Motion or physical activity increases the blood flow and leads to forming new synapses to the brain, which can affect the performance of the brain. This allows thought processes (cognitive information processing) to run faster, correlations to be recognized more quickly and movement coordination to be improved. Through the successful combination of motion and thinking, failures and difficulties in learning could possibly be overcome and thus daily life for children could be mastered more stress-free. The aim is to improve coordination and cognitive skills in the ski course and beyond.

‘Move smart!’ should not be a guide to a better life, but an aid and motivation for children and adolescents to move and at the same time to develop the brain. It should be fun and bring joy in the movement. ” Felix Neureuther

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