A successful ski class with IIT – Workshop

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Presentation of our integrated concept for an inspiring, individual and target-oriented ski class (IIT) in practice


Inspired and enthusiastic customers that are perfectly satisfied and leave the ski class with a big smile on their face – a target that every skiing instructor is focused on. With our concept for a perfect ski class we want to sensitize that the success of a ski class must not happen by accident but can be planed by an integrated approach.

In six modules we sum up the main elements for a successful ski class. In our Workshop we shape these six modules and present examples. We want to share our ideas for a inspiring, individual and at the same time target-orientated ski lesson and present numerous exercises with wow effect.

Applied Techniques

Presentation of our concept in practice afterwards: reflection with the group


Fanny Chmelar, 33, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Demoteam Germany Alpin

Nicole Zimmermann, 36, Rettenberg, Demoteam Germany Alpin

Martin Gruber, 32, Gaißach, Demoteam Germany Alpin

Frank Leins, 47, Schneizlreuth, Demoteam Germany Alpin

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