A successful ski class with IIT – Lecture

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Nicole Zimmermann, Martin Gruber


The Lecture presents the basic idea of our integrated concept for an inspiring, individual and target-oriented ski class (IIT)


Inspired and enthusiastic customers that are perfectly satisfied and leave the ski class with a big smile on their face – a target that every skiing instructor is focused on. With our concept for a perfect ski class we want to sensitize that the success of a ski class must not happen by accident but can be planed by an integrated approach.

In six modules we present the main elements for a successful ski class: appreciation – emotions– effective and inspiring approach– individuality– structure – know-how.

The modules are completed by sub-modules as well as numerous examples. The skiing instructor can orientate, inspire and reflect himself at these six modules in preparation of or during the ski class.

In the course of his formation the skiing instructor has to develop his understanding of ski technique as well as his methodical and social competencies to be prepared to design the modules adapted to the actual situation and not to use them as a simple checklist.

In the lecture we present the basic idea of the concept.

Applied techniques

Powerpoint presentation


Nicole Zimmermann, 36, Rettenberg, Demoteam Germany Alpin

Martin Gruber, 32, Gaißach, Demoteam Germany Alpin

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