State-of-the-art technologies in skier motion analysis – Lecture

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Theme Description:

We are surrounded by smart devices everywhere, which collect data in amounts that is exponentially growing. Sensor technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) provides us with new gadgets every day, in every industry – even in skiing. Each industry profits from the “data revolution” and skiing shouldn’t be an exception. The real value for ski instructors is not the data itself, but the information retrieved from it.

Which technology can be used in skiing that provides value to customers and businesses? Our lecture will go through these opportunities, showcasing innovative data collection tools and state-of-the-art data processing technologies such as Big Data and Machine Learning that the Hungarian Interski Team has been experimenting with for years.

With these technologies, instructors and ski schools can provide a higher level of service for their guests in order to ski better and healthier. We’ll talk about:

• New perspectives: Using drones for improving skiing technique. Flying a drone is easier than ever, although filming skiers requires some special skills. The bird’s eye view reveals new insights to skiing technique and the same time provides breathtaking shots. A video like this can be the best interactive business card from the ski instructor.

• Making the next step from visual analysis to data: Motion capture technology. Which systems are available, which one is applicable for everyday use on the slopes? What is the new information and added value of this concept?

• Think together: Analyzing motion capture data. Examining the characteristics of skiing with animations and metrics. Using Machine Learning for recognizing movement patterns. For example, such an application could use the collected data for predicting knee and spine health issues or even automatically help racers and customers improving their skiing technique.

• And finally, how can we use these technologies every day without focusing too much on the gadgets and enjoying skiing instead?
The lecture is going to be interactive, showing and discussing videos, animations and results from the ongoing projects of SMSZ, the Federation of Hungarian Ski Instructors.

Connected to On Snow Workshop – No

Sports Included  – Alpine, but applicable for all disciplines

Language Used for Presentation – English

Name of Presenter(s) – Balazs Bojko

Will Handouts be Given – Yes

There are two lecture times each day. The first is at 16:00 and the second is at 16:50. Lectures are 30 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers. There will be 10 minutes to travel between lectures.
Please check the daily schedule for the location of each lecture.

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