Does it hurt or does it help? (Kill it or keep it?) In other words, skiing for your health

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In several places around the world, there is an accepted thematic route, which the pupils need to follow through if they choose a specific sport. Same is the case with the sequence of exercises in skiing, but we still believe that more than one route could lead to the solution. According to various interpretations the objective is to learn to ski, nonetheless within controlled bounderies. The thematic route acts as a guideline for the ski instructor, to show what comes after each stage, how to proceed. In this system, the assessment of the harmful or healing impact of exercises on health remain hidden in the background.

However, new trends in physical education in schools demand the healthy upbringing of youth and the promotion of healthy lifestyle, therefore today it is inevitable to deal with this aspect, as well. The school provides the opportunity for children to get acquinted with different forms of movement. Skiing should be one of these, therefore the opportunity should be given to PE teachers to not treat separate sports as separate forms of movements, but to build them on similar foundations. This could create a repository of natural movements, emphasising that these movements should mutually strengthen each other.

Positive experience is important when learning to enjoy a sport, but not at all costs. An exercise may be enjoyable, but if it is unhealthy, we cannot build on it in the future. Nervous system structures will determine the flow of processes, which do not require a separate control of their own, but they need to be able to build on previously learnt components. Besides, it is also important to create sensations and pay attention to muscle contractions, rather than imitating an external pictorial form.

Based on this principle we created a system, which we have uniformised and would like to present in our workshop. This system, resting on anatomical physiological foundations, has been named Strong Base. The term creatively embodies the priorities which we need to consider in order to build a stable foundation for our pupils that they can use as a base to build on top of the movements for skiing, and will also come in handy for several other sports. Moreover, information from other sports can also be built into the skills required for skiing.

Keywords: Physical Education, natural movements, skiing.

  • Connected to On Snow Workshop – YES
  • Sports Included  – ALPINE
  • Language Used for Presentation – ENGLISH
  • Name of Presenter(s) – Piroska Béki, Gábor Pásztory, Gábor Tettamanti
  • Will Handouts be Given – YES

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