BACK TO THE FUTURE – Nordic drills with alpine skis for a better technique – Workshop

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Theme Description:

Back in the old days downhill/alpine skiing, cross-country skiing (and ski jumping) used to go hand in hand. These different disciplines have been later technically as well as equipment wise separated. Still we see many times that people learning the basics with XC skis have a significant advantage and a better chance to improve their alpine technique later on. What kind of elements of the Nordic ski school can be adapted to teach alpine skiing in a smarter/unique way? The workshop will lead through a sequence of enjoyable yet easily adaptable hybrid (Nordic/alpine) drills with alpine skis. Beginning with a flat terrain warm up switching to advanced slopes then going to the steeper/faster runs.

• Applied methodology based on biomechanical theory

• Demonstrated synergies between modern cross-country/alpine techniques

• General aim is the development of coordination/balance/gliding skills by improving the consciousness in the engagement of core muscles

• Results in a better feeling of the right timing in various techniques

• Full with „Aha” experiences for instructors on all levels of Nordic and/or alpine skiing guaranteed

• Enjoyable instruction/animation

• Introduced by authentic Hungarian instructors with a particularly versatile background (dr. Ágoston Dosek is a lecturer on University of Physical Education as well as a high level athlete/12 times National Champion in XC skiing; Péter Dalos has been the XC skiing instructor of top level athletes in the winter training camps of the Hungarian Rowing Federation since 2006)

• Suits instructors of beginners as well as of pro level students

• VOX headsets1 help to organize a seamless workshop even in case of a high number of participants

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