Indoor Workshop – Snowboard

The focus of the indoor snowboarding workshop is to support our on-snow workshop, and provide an overall glimpse into the Canadian snowboard teaching structure.

  • The CASI beginner/novice teaching methodology – the QuickRide System – provides instructors with a flexible, outcome-based framework for teaching new snowboarders, and emphasizes the use of decision-making skills to ensure that the progression is tailored to the student demographic.
  • Beyond the novice level, the use of the Core & Advanced Riding Competencies provides an outcome-based objective for intermediate and advanced skill development, as well as an Analysis & Improvement tool for instructors.
  • Expert use of the Practical Teaching Skills gives instructors guidance in structuring successful lessons that emphasize client satisfaction and future retention.

The indoor workshop will be presented with a variety of media, including text, video, audio/visual and will engage participants.

The workshop will be delivered by the CASI Snowboard Technical Team Head Coach and the Technical Assistant.

The lecture will be offered in English only, with the addition of French translation if required.

There is no minimum or maximum group size.

We will require sound and the ability to project images and video onto a screen (laptop computer will be provided by us).

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