Indoor Workshop – Alpine

The focus of our indoor lecture revolves around the content of our on snow workshop.

  • Reflective Learning: Our philosophy of Student Centred Teaching has continued to evolve over the years. Research in how students learn new motor skills and retain knowledge has been the foundation for the CSIA’s Reflective Learning approach to learner development.
  • Decision Making Process: Recognizing the complex environment ski instructors work within, the CSIA’s methodology is based on Decision Making.
  • Technical Reference: Instructors require a simple, yet science based approach to technique. The Technical Reference is a set of guiding principles that apply to all levels of skiers, equipment, conditions and ages.
  • Learner Attributes: All learners are different. Research has indicated that knowledge of these differences can positively affect the outcome of a lesson. We will touch on differences between gender (biomechanical and psychological), children and seniors.

The lecture will be thought provoking, entertaining, interactive and informative through use of Power Point slides and videos.

The lecture will be delivered by the Interski Team Head Coach. He has an extensive ski teaching background with studies in education.

The lecture will be offered in English only.

There is no minimum or maximum group size.

We will require sound and the ability to project onto a screen.

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