Supporting the development of good snowsports instructors – Lecture

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How does BASI use ‘reviewing’ processes to support the development of ‘good’ snowsport instructors?

This lecture will focus on the teaching of snowsport instructors. BASI training courses intend to create ‘good’ snowsport instructors. BASI have been through a process of evolving their teaching assessment and training in order to create good snowsport instructors. At the moment Britain is the second largest exporter of snowsport enthusiasts in the world. Employing a BASI qualified instructor within a ski school encourages British snowsport enthusiasts to visit resorts and to engage in lessons. A good BASI instructor will not only encourage a learners life-long love for snowsports but also a desire to continue engaging in snowschool lessons.

This lecture will explore an important aspect of being a ‘good’ snowsport instructor: the ability to review your own, and others, instruction practice.

The lecture will explain how and why BASI candidates review their peers teaching episodes.

BASI believe that ‘reviewing’ is a key process to deepening understanding of teaching and learning.

The skills that are required to effectively review a teaching session are skills that are highly desirable in any instructor of snowsports.

The lecture will explain what these skills are in a fun and interactive way.

The lecture will explain how BASI encourages these skills within the system and why BASI believe they are important for any instructor of Snowsports.

2) This lecture will be delivered using a combination of informative PowerPoint presentations

and interactive participation from the audience.

3) All the deliverers are members of BASI’s National Education Team. The NET team are BASI

trainers who deliver all levels of BASI training courses. They are involved in the development of

BASI courses and the education of BASI trainers at the annual trainers conference.

4) English but with translations into French, Spanish and Italian available

5) There is no maximum size.

6) There will be a PowerPoint presentation with audience interaction.

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