Developing the teaching skills of Instructors – Workshop

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How does BASI use TIED to develop the teaching skills of instructors?

This workshop will focus on our approach to teaching. We simplify our teaching process into 4 stages: Task, Information, Evaluation, Development. We call this model the TIED loop. Der We aim to show how TIED can be used to help develop understanding of teaching. It can be situated in reference to the instructor (internal TIED loop), client (internal TIED loop) and instructor/client (interactive TIED loop). We will demonstrate different TIED loops and where they are situated. We believe that understanding this process allows the deliverer to be adaptable to any situation and learner needs. For example, the deliverer can act as a facilitator, coach, teacher, instructor or teacher educator.

This workshop will be delivered using a combination of informative on snow delivery and interactive participation from the skiers.

All the deliverers are members of BASI’s National Education Team. The NET team are BASI trainers who deliver all levels of BASI training courses. They are involved in the development of BASI courses and the education of BASI trainers at the annual trainers conference.

English but with translations into French, Spanish and Italian available

Minimum of 3 participants. Maximum 8 participants per group, although we can include more.

6 groups

2 deliverers per group

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