Snowboard – From Passion to Purpose

Instructors are often highly passionate about their jobs. As an industry of employers, trainers and educators, snowboard schools and teaching/training programmes, recognising how this passion first begins is crucial, as is understanding the value of purpose among instructors.

In this lecture we will explore:

  • The roots of passion in snowboarding
  • The factors that can enhance or limit one’s purpose in the industry
  • How SBINZ have been cultivating both passion and purpose to help shape our future in snow sports

This interactive lecture is an educational perspective on the instructing industry and explores the passion and purpose of instructors.

Connected to On Snow Workshop (Yes/No) Yes
Sports Included (Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Telemark, Cross Country, Freestyle, Children) Snowboard
Language Used for Presentation English
Name of Presenter(s) Leo Carey, Claire Dooney, Richie Johnston and Keith Stubbs.
Will Handouts be Given (Yes/No) QR Code for on-line material


There are two lecture times each day.  The first is at 16:00 and the second is at 16:50. Lectures are 30 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers.  There will be 10 minutes to travel between lectures.

Please check the daily schedule for the location of each lecture.

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