Aoteoroa an International Snowsports destination

Aotearoa (New Zealand) is the melting pot for our international snow industry as it attracts off season training, employment and development opportunities for Northern Hemisphere enthusiasts.

The recent success of New Zealand on the Olympic stage has been a result of this culture, long term visioning and partnerships with resorts to invest and develop in the facilities we need to produce our own champions.

Our athletes start as children and are part of our family of guests that we consider “whanau”. These children go through our Snowsports schools, race programmes, free ski and snowboard programmes and feed into Snowsports New Zealand to support at an international level.

This pathway also works for our instructors. Many of our instructors become trainers and either develop in this space or then choose to move to coaching. Our Olympic coaching team is predominantly made up of instructors that started with the NZSIA and built their foundations. The Snowsports education sphere in New Zealand is integrated and collaborative.

This workshop will tell the story of how Aotearoa has evolved into an international Snowsport destination. It will include the journey of developing our own world renowned facilities, Olympic coaches and Olympic athletes.


Connected to On Snow Workshop (Yes/No) No
Sports Included (Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Telemark, Cross Country, Freestyle, Children) Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Freestyle, Children
Language Used for Presentation English
Name of Presenter(s) Bridget Legnavsky & Daniel Bogue
Will Handouts be Given (Yes/No) QR Code for on-line material


There are two lecture times each day.  The first is at 16:00 and the second is at 16:50. Lectures are 30 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers.  There will be 10 minutes to travel between lectures.

Please check the daily schedule for the location of each lecture.

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