How you learn is how you live – Workshop

Delivery Team - Pete Gillespie, Chris Oldaker, Ali Smith & Derek Tate

Integrating the Learn it, Love it, Live it philosophy with
The four Key Concepts

Assisted by members of the demo team

The purpose of Ireland’s on-snow workshop is to share how the 3L philosophy of Learn it, Love it, Live it is integrated into The Four Key Concepts: The Basic Principles, Core Skier/Rider Development, The Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition and The IASI Skills Model (Kagan, Sollini, & Tate, 2018). The focus will be on how ski instructors are educated with the goal of making them skillful all mountain performers, while developing a genuine love of the sport that permeates through to the guests that they teach. The practical application of the workshop will cover the IASI Skills Model of edging, pressure control, rotation and timing, how these skills are taught, what drills are used and how the Basic Principles and the Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition influence this. While the ‘content’ of the workshop will include technical drills that relate to the IASI Skills Model participants will be given a clear understanding of how everything that we do technically, physically and mentally, whether riding the lifts or descending the slopes is geared towards the well-being of the instructors within the education program. This means that Ireland’s contribution to future.snowsport is designing a system that is aimed at helping both snowsport instructors and their guests to flourish and thrive in today’s world by using snowsport as the vehicle to achieve this goal.

Keywords: Well-being, future.snowsport, flourish

Full details of Ireland’s workshop and lecture presentation and their
contribution to Interski 2019 and future snowsport can be found in their
online brochure/magazine on

Members of the demo team will be on-had to help with the delivery of the workshop.
The primary language for delivery will be English but there will be translations available
in German, French and Italian during the delivery.

Kagan, J., Sollini, F., Tate, D. (2018). Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors

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