Education in Values through Sports

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Sport, is not good “per se”, but that practice must be endowed with values ​​that benefit the development of the person (tolerance, respect, trust, honesty, collaboration, fellowship, etc.), to be truly educational.

The sport mobilizes emotions and feelings, but above all it can influence the attitudes and behaviors of people, through the values ​​it conveys: effort, overcoming, perseverance, equality, respect, sportsmanship, solidarity and companionship, personal and collective success, among many others.

The elite athletes are icons and models of success, envied and imitated by many, achieve great notoriety and are closely followed in social media.

In addition to success, the values ​​of sport make it possible to overcome difficulties. Proof of this is the positive impact that sports have on people with some type of disability. The Paralympic Games and the Special Olympics are two clear examples of how sport contributes to the integration of these people in society. However, the benefits of sports have also revealed a vehicle for social transformation.
The acquisition of positive habits and behaviors has also been verified in multiple aspects: in a more balanced diet; in the relationship with peers and rivals, integrating families , breaking cultural and social barriers,and more.

In short, it has been demonstrated that sports practice contributes to improving people’s attitudes and behaviors, because in the first place it requires personal development based on effort, commitment, perseverance and discipline.

In the Workshop we will develop this theme so that each one from his perspective, from his history, and from his organization, can contribute to understand that the sport is an enormous tool that we have to make of this world, a better world.

“Authentic education in values, rather than being taught, is transmitted”