Interski Opening Night Show Sets Pamporovo Ablaze

March 19 2019

The ski instructors taking part in the Interski Congress 2019 put on an opening night show that really set Pamporovo on fire. Fourteen of the participating countries presented at Stenata ski slope a truly mind blowing spectacle featuring folk costumes, advanced skiing techniques and a lights show. While all nations didtheir utmost to dazzle and impress the audience, the best prepared teams, the ones displaying the most perfect combinations of speed and choreography, were the Swiss, Austrians, Slovenes and Croats.

The audiences packing the grounds in front of the Studenetz Chalet rewarded the downhill numbers with enthusiastic applause. Almost 500 spectators had gathered to witness the performance, the likes of which had never been seen before in Pamporovo or the rest of Bulgaria. The national teams had spared no effort to bring the festive mood to boiling point. The Finnish team had built a tent where hostesses were giving out souvenirs touting Levi’s candidacy as host city of the Interski Congress 2023, while visitors could enjoy a real-life sauna. The Poles were dishing out snacks and drinks, and the opening night show of the Interski Congress in Pamporovo ended well after 10 p.m. in high spirits.