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Bulgarian Ski School

Bulgarian Ski School is an organization of winter sports instructors in Bulgaria. Created to educate teachers, now it is bringing together the snow sports instructors and the ski schools in Bulgaria.
First ski schools for tourists in Bulgaria were founded last century in the 60s, and the first courses for ski instructors date back since then too.
Bulgaria participated in INTERSKI Congress for the first time in 1975 which marked the beginning of its permanent membership in the Organization
Siunce 2001 Bulgarian Ski School has been a member of ISIA, since 2011 a member of IVSS and from 2015 of IVSI.
The Association task basically is to maintain current programs for personnel training and to introduce and implement new global trends in service delivery “training in winter sports’’. Bulgarian Ski School seeks to inspire and maintain a passion for snow sports.
We thank colleagues all over the world for trusting us  to host the 2019 INTERSKI Congress.
The Pamporovo resort, the winter pearl of Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains, known also as the Mountain of Orpheus is waiting for you!